Pterodactyl Daemon

Pterodactyl Panel — Daemon Documentation

This site includes documentation and API refrences for the Pterodactyl Panel Daemon. Please see the Pterodactyl Panel documentation for more information.

Get Started    

Check System Compatability

Pterodactyl's Daemon (Wings) uses Docker to host services. This means to be able to properly run this daemon your hardware needs to support Docker.

Proper Virtualization and Dedicated Servers

Most VPS servers will install and run Docker just fine and you can just skip to the next step if you are sure your server is using proper virtualization engine such as (KVM or VMWare for example.

If you are running the daemon on a physical machine, this also applies and you can continue.

If your VPS server is hosted using OpenVZ, Virtuozzo or LXC things may not work as expected. Make sure that your server can run Docker before going through the full setup. If your VPS which essentially is a container does not run Docker, contact your hosting provider and ask about adding a kernel that actually supports it.

If you are uncertain which virtualization engine is used for your server, you can check the following:


Should output the following if your server runs on KVM (proper virtualization):

Hypervisor vendor:     KVM
Virtualization type:   full

If this is not the case, you can also check

dmidecode -s system-manufacturer

If the output is:

  • QEMU
  • VMware, Inc.
  • some mainboard manufacturer

then you are good.

If it's something like

  • Xen
  • LXC

then you might encounter some issues running docker.

What's Next

If everything is good you can continue the manual installation path

Updating Kernel

Check System Compatability